FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE // Conscious, mesmerizing, and authentic are the adjectives being used to describe emerging Hip-Hop artist Etoc. The rising Orlando-based rapper is a young music maverick impacting the lives of many people in a positive way. His critically-acclaimed songs are honest, personal and they touch on matters close to the heart. The buzzing Rap phenom spins stories of love, lessons learned, conflict and resolution underlined with soul piercing lyrics.

Once again, Etoc delivers an outstanding song titled “No Pressure” via his indie label Moon Boots Records. He shines with his unique and unmatched flow, which contains top tier technical excellence and clever wordplay. The heartfelt lyrics are bold and profound expressing his experiences and emotions.

My new song ‘No Pressure’ is a song about choosing paths. Not necessarily right or wrong, but about how in life you want to approach situations. It also portrays the struggles I’ve had about being genuine and being comfortable about who I truly am versus pretending to be someone I’m not.

“No Pressure” is available on Spotify and all online retailers including iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play.

Etoc’s clever lyricism, magnetic delivery, efficient wordplay have already earned him acclaim among Hip-Hop aficionados in his hometown and beyond. He has a unique ability to articulate emotions with an unparalleled wordplay. Authenticity is the key to his growing success. He doesn’t create cookie cutter radio songs. Instead, he concentrates on producing passionate songs from his heart and soul. The young gunner is here to break through the monotony and staleness of the current Hip-Hop landscape. His grind is relentless and his vision is crystal clear.

Etoc is on a mission to take Hip-Hop to new levels!

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